Boise Hills Park
Boise Hills Park

Boise Heights Neighborhood Committees

The Boise Heights Neighborhood Association has multiple committees to address our concerns.  Please volunteer to help improve our neighborhood and meet your neighbors!

Trails Committee

The Trails Committee works on improving the trails and  identifying new trail opportunities in the open spaces of our neighborhood.

Goatheads and Noxious Weeds

Don's Goathead Harvest
Mike Merz and Giant Goathead
Jeff Fereday and goatheads
Goathead and Jane

This is our largest committee.  The committee works towards reducing goatheads and noxious weeds in areas where people, dogs and bikes may be negatively impacted by them.  Goatheads have very nasty seedheads that hurt dogs' paws and can deflate bike tires.


We are lucky to live in the Wildlife Urban Interface in the city of Boise.  But, this also means we must be responsible and vigilant to reduce the risk of wildfires in our neighborhood.


This committee writes grant requests every year to the city of Boise to fund our neighborhood projects and information distribution.


This committee helps coordinate and host neighborhood events.


We don't have that many streets or sidewalks in our neighborhood but we do have many walkers.  Speeding is dangerous to our walkers and neighbors.

Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup Day

Organizes the annual Spring Cleanup of the many trails and walking paths in our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Identity Signs

Working with the city to design and place city of Boise designed Neighborhood Identity Signs in our area.